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Individual Counseling Session Fees

The cost of your first (intake) appointment (60-90 min) is $125 (includes Temperament assessment).

The cost for every counseling session thereafter (50 min) is $75.

(See below for reduced rate/sliding scale Info)

Marital Counseling Session Fees 

The cost of your first (intake) appointment (60-90 min) is $120.

The cost for every session thereafter (50 min) is $100.

(See below for reduced rate/sliding scale Info)

Pre-Marital Counseling Package Fees

The cost of your first (intake) appointment (60-90 min) is $140 (includes x2 Temperament assessments).

The cost for every session thereafter (five 50 min sessions) is $80. Upon the completion of the 6 sessions, you will receive a certificate which can be used for a discounted rate when getting your marriage license.

Temperament Profile Fees

Personal Temperament Profile Reports are available for those who are not enrolling in counseling services but would simply like to know about their unique, inborn temperament. This report can also be generated for teens and children.

Temperament Profile Assessment with in-person detailed analysis session (50 min):  $75

Temperament Profile Assessment with printable report (online only): $50

Reduced Rate Fees

When you’re dealing with hardships, adding extra expenses can feel burdensome. If you are on the fence about seeking counseling or concerned about the cost, consider this: If you had a heart attack, medical intervention would save your life. You might have to pay the bill for a while, but it would still be worth it, right? So how much is your marriage worth, or peace of mind? If counseling helps you recover from grief, anxiety, a strained relationship or depression wouldn't the cost be worth it?

I am considered an out of network provider. Therefore, I do not accept insurance. However, in an effort to make my services more accessible, I offer a reduced rate/sliding scale fee for those with limited finances. Don't let your inability to pay the full amount hinder you from seeking help. In most cases for Individual clients, this reduced rate is the same or slightly better than your copay and you won't have to use insurance. Also, it is more private as your personal info is not being filed with your insurance and read by a claims adjuster. 

(Ask about the reduced rate when reaching out)

Salt and Light Counseling Ministry is under the umbrella of CrossPointe Assembly of God Church, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. 

I accept cash, check and most major debit/credit cards. Full payment rendered at the beginning of each appointment unless prior arrangements have been made. 

Cancellation Policy:

You will be sent a text reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please notify me immediately. If an appointment is canceled or missed WITHOUT 24 hours prior notice, you WILL be charged $50.00 for the missed session. 

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